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In-App Email Support! You can now email us from within the app. Let us know what’s going on and we can help! When you contact us through the app be sure to leave in your unique device identifier so we can best help you 📩

Can’t Find the Sticker Emoji pack?

Uh oh, is it missing from your Messages app drawer? That’s an easy problem to solve. Below you will learn how to toggle on or off the app.

Go to the More section of the Messages App Drawer, as pointed to in the image above.

Tap the Edit button, as pointed to in the image above.

Toggle on “Sticker Emoji”, as pointed to in the image above.

If it’s not already on, you should also toggle on “Recents”.

Works for all your devices

If you are a current subscriber ALL your devices will be able to use the subscription-only stickers. If this isn’t happening, please email us from within the app.

Delete Pack?  =(

Before you totally delete the app, keep in mind we push out regular updates with free packs to try in every release. Plus our “Forever Free” Collection of animated emoji is currently over 230 (which was previously a $2.99 purchase).

But if you still want to delete it, simply go to your Messages App Drawer > More…  Then Swipe Left on the Pack. You will see the red Delete button.

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