Sticker Emoji version 4 issues? It’s probably still updating if the pack says it isn’t loading. Visit the front page for more details


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If you’ve bought a pack and not sure how to access it, here’s some things to check…

  1. Be sure you are using iOS10 (most likely you are if you’ve bought something from the iMessage store).

  2. Sticker Pack apps do NOT appear on the main home screen of your device. They are accessed through the Messages app. In a new message, click the App Icon (seen in blue in the image below). This will open your Messages app drawer and the sticker pack will appear there. Thats it!




In rare cases, an iMessage app might show “Installed” in the iMessage store, but not actually show up in the App Drawer of Messages. This makes it difficult to uninstall and reinstall the app using the normal deletion method of long pressing the app until it wiggles and shows an X mark to delete it.

Alternatively, to delete iMessage apps you can open the App Store for iMessage then switch to the Manage tab. To remove one of the installed apps, tap the toggle button to the right to switch it to the Off position. When you tap Done and back out of the App Store, the app will be removed.

At this point you should be able to return to the iMessage Store and re download the app.


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