Top Ten iOS Sticker Packs for Men

Top Ten iOS Sticker Packs for Men
September 14, 2016 StickerKing

Top 10 iOS Sticker Packs for Men

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Alright dudes, enough of these wimpy lists of top Stickers that are simply emojis, cats, or cat emojis. We’re men, damnit!  These packs are for the hard-drinking, hard-fartin’ guys that we are.


fart sticker for messages on ios

(1) Fart Stickers

This animated pack of fart stickers will have your bros cracking up for years.  Especially when someone sends you a sticker and you tack on one of these overtop of it. Perfect example, a friend sent us the Death Star yesterday and we fired back by adding the farting yoga girl on top of it. And if you’ve been living in a cave since the launch of iOS10, yes, you can actually “stick” these stickers on top of other stickers, text or images.

Available on the App Store


Fart Stickers for iOS Message Apps

(Death Star not included in our pack, just an example)

beer iOS messages stickers

(2) Beer Stickers

This partially animated pack of beer stickers is about all you need to send to your bros to get the gang together for a mouth watering beer. Seriously, we don’t need to be talking into getting brews with text. Just send an animated hand raising a mug of that sweet, sweet ale and thats all she wrote for a night out with the fellas.

Available on the App Store


Animated Beer Stickers for iOS 10
manly men sticker messages pack free for ios

(3) Men Stickers

This stylishly retro pack contains dozens of animated and static men-related stickers. Text “your boys” with these funny stickers for just about any manly situation. Or not-so-manly situations. Broke? Your woman won’t let ya out of the house? We’ve got ya covered. Entertain your bros in style.

Available on the App Store


Weed Stickers for iOS Messages

(4) Weed Stickers

Who’s got that bubonic chronic? This partially animated pack of marijuana-themed stickers is an essential pack for those that partake. We’ve even included a few stickers perfect for texting that special someone in your life that hooks you up.

Available on the App Store


High Sticker for iOS
booby trap iOS sticker messages pack

(5) Booby Trap Stickers

We had you at “Boob” didn’t we. Well until our pack of Booby Stickers is released, you’ll have to settle for booby traps. But with boobs in mind, this is an essential sticker pack to let your bros know they are in for a trap. Whatever that is! Also includes an array of weapons to stick onto messages.

Watch a full screen video preview below or just download it for free!

Available on the App Store


booby trap sticker
drunk stickers for iMessages free

(6) Drunk Stickers

Who’s ready to paaaaaar-tay!? These animated drunk stickers are ready to let loose. Or start a fight. Or drop a barf. Drop them into your conversations to tell your friends you’re feelin’ good!  Or shitty.

Watch a full screen video preview below or just download it for free!

Available on the App Store


drunk fighter sticker
free Irish stickers for iOS message apps

(7) Irish Stickers

Celebrate your Irish pride with – ah, who am I kidding. You just want to get wasted for St. Patrick’s Day. Well here’s your animated Sticker Pack for that, full of beer, pots of gold, beer, Irish hats, beer, four leaf covers and did I mention beer?

Watch a full screen video preview below or just download it for free!

Available on the App Store


Irish stickers for iOS Messages
censor yourself sexting sticker for iOS message

(8) Censor Yourself

While technically not a sticker pack, this new iMessage app will let you create a sticker-like image of yourself to send to that special lady you’re sexting with. Maybe the two of your aren’t 100% ready to get “uncensored” with this naughty images, and if so, this pack is full of innuendo themed images to cover up those private parts.  Is it the first iMessage app for sexting? You bet it is!

Available on the App Store


girlfriend stickers for ios10 message apps

(9) Girlfriend Stickers

Constantly broke? Or trying to prove you care about certain “issues”? Can’t hang out with “your boys” as much as you want? Sounds like you sir have a girlfriend. And you absolutely need this free pack of animated / static stickers to cope.

Available on the App Store


girlfriend stickers
Funny Toilet Stickers for iMessage Apps

(10) Toilet Stickers

Lets book end this post, and end up back where we started with some low-brow humor. What’s funnier than porta-potty tipping over. Nothing, thats what. Get this animated pack of Toilet stickers before we come to our senses and starting charging for this awesomeness!

Available on the App Store


toilet stickers for iOS 10 messages

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